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A Little Thank You

I just wanted to say ‘thanks’ to a few people who have been of tremendous help recently. It’s always a nice surprise (a surprise to me at least) whenever I find good-natured people who aren’t necessarily always looking for something in return. Thanks to Torgeir Holm for helping me out with one of my product […]

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HDRSource High Dynamic Range Images

My newly redesigned website, HDRSource is up and running again. In all actuality, it never really went anywhere – I just had laid off promoting it for several years as the real work with LunarStudio managed to keep me preoccupied. It’s one of the first online stores that sold HDRs and HDR libraries. I created […]

Setting up an E-store

Many of us have had that dream – you hear about it all the time. A shop owner sets up an online store (aka Estore) and it takes off – generating loads of extra revenue. These people are able to live the “American dream” – working from the comforts of their own home. From a […]

Working from Home

I’ve had a few jobs come through recently and I’ve been working hard on getting good results out the door for my clients. Combine this with every day life activities – buying fresh veggies for my guinea pigs, taking the car in for routine maintenance, buying groceries, cleaning the house, etc. – running one’s own […]