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It’s always good to hear a simple one word sentence when you turn on your computer, grab a cup of coffee, and then check your email. “Wow” was the word I read today and it brightened everything up. I’m so used to beating myself over creating artwork for people and making them happy, that often […]

The Economy and Consumer Confidence

I read the news. Of course, I don’t like to believe everything I hear. I also hold whatever I read to some level of skepticism. But I still read a lot of stories and take most things “with a grain of salt.” One of the latest headlines on the Wall Street Journal news today read: […]

Being “Overly Friendly” in Business?

A friend with an Asian background complemented me recently on being “blunt” about things. While, I agree that being straight-forward in conversing with other people, it’s not really in my nature to be that way. You see, I’m also half-Asian and half-Italian – born and raised in the United States and probably have a much […]


A Client Call from Earlier Today

I had talked with a client over the past couple of days regarding a non-architectural project. He said that he received three estimates in total. One was from a Flash developer who wanted most of the work already done for him. The second was me – I was prepared to handle everything. And the third […]