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Setting up a WordPress Blog

***Please note that there is an updated version of this article  as of 3/25/10 posted here: https://www.lunarlog.com/setting-wordpress-blog-part-ii/ – you may want to read this article still but keep in mind that many plugins and techniques have changed.*** I spent the last few days working on this blog – basically rebuilding it from scratch sans previous […]


Latest News from LunarStudio

The current economic conditions of the past year has put a general slow down on illustration-related businesses. I think artwork in general is viewed as one of those “unnecessary” things during rough economic conditions, and is often the first to be cut out of a budget. In talking with colleagues, I’ve found that some of […]

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Lunarlog is Back!

Actually, it never went anywhere. I had originally started this website/blog a long time ago as a companion to main illustration website, Lunarstudio. However over time, I got off topic and eventually it fell into a state of disrepair. Life took over and I was too busy to maintain this site and keep it updated. […]