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The Future of Lighting

Over the years, I’ve worked with architects, interior designers, stage lighting, and lighting manufacturers in producing images for them – if image lighting is off, clients don’t hesitate to tell me about it. Quite honestly, lighting was something I never really paid much attention to until I got into this field and found out that I had to have some understanding of the process – everything from temperature to different types of systems. To add to this, there’s the financial and environmental component that needs to be taken into consideration for the average user.


LunarStudio HTML5 Update

After another week of going through code, I’ve update the lunarstudio.com website to incorporate additional HTML5 valid syntax. By doing so, I hope to increase future compatibility across browsers, speed up the page load times, and make it easier to make future updates and revisions.

Remembering 911

There’s a big difference in opinions between those people that were “there” that following the events as they unfolded and those that were not. There’s a big difference when you know someone that was directly impacted and lost a loved one. It’s also different for someone living in the “thick” of events – in Washington DC, Manhattan, and Boston versus someone living out on a farm in Idaho. There are those that have direct access to information who still manage to form a difference in opinion compared to the mainstream. I suppose that no matter what, you will always get people with fringe elements of thinking – well-educated or not.