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WordPress Updates and Google Ranking

So a few days ago, I updated my blogs and almost immediately noticed that I was getting feedback on articles that I wrote a while ago. Also, a few of my other blogs brought in sales where it had been stagnant for most of this year. It appears that Google actually looks at the WordPress version that one is using. Where it’s pulling that information from, I don’t know. It might simply be that Google is seeing an updated Sitemap as that stores time-stamps WordPress can also automatically ping Google upon updates if you’re using the Google XML Sitemaps plugin. If you’re using the latest WP, it probably signals that you are serious about security (Google doesn’t want to link to sites that are malicious), code readability, updates, and that you’re content is fresh.

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Realistic Expectations and Demanding Clients

I suppose the moral of the story is that if you wanted it done right and you’re going to be picky in the first place, don’t be cheap. You have to pay for it. There’s really no shortcuts. Secondly, find someone that knows what they are doing – make sure that they have a good portfolio and a decent list of clients. She was much better off spending extra money in the beginning.

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Browsers and Website Statistics

With the current version of LunarStudio, I redesigned it with forward-thinking in mind versus a legacy mentality. I don’t have the time to think of the worst-case or even average viewing scenario and frankly really can’t be driven to care unless I’m getting paid to do so. The way I figure it is that if a person is having problems viewing my website, then there’s a chance that they are somewhat computer illiterate, and this might make a working situation tenuous at best – they’re simply trying to jump from an era of driving a horse and buggy to driving the latest Ferrari. I hope that this isn’t taken as being rude or condescending – I’m just merely stating that a user needs to get with the times or risk becoming a thing of the past.


MightyFunk Design News Update

One of my other websites, MightyFunk Design News was recently updated. I used the same basic template as I did for this site because I had liked it so much – clean and simple. Quite frankly, I just don’t have the time to custom design every one of my websites unless I’m getting paid to […]

Fixing the Economy

Over the past few years, the US economy has taken a severe beating leaving millions of Americans struggling to find employment and forcing others to be cautious in their spending habits. As a result of this climate of economic uncertainty, people have been quick to point their fingers at what they perceive as the source of their problems but very few are offering up effective and valid solutions to help solve this problem. In order to wrap our arms around this major issue, we need to first diagnose the issues that created this problem in the first place in order for it to not happen again.