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When it comes to blogging on a regular basis, I’m inconsistent. Being inconsistent is probably one of the worst ways to attract a regular audience on the Internet. To be frank, having a regular readership has never been my goal with this website, nor was it meant to make any money (hence no advertisements.) It’s meant more as a one-off type of site in which I might come across some ideas that might prove useful or interesting to others. Trying to be useful to others also serves some level of promotion for my field of work.

That being said, I’ve had an extremely busy winter concerning my architectural renderings and illustrations and haven’t gotten around to writing here much. Every winter for the past eight plus years, for some odd reason has been usually busy. The pattern usually lasts until the spring, calms down, then picks up again late summer only to be followed be another slow spell. I don’t know what it is about this line of work which creates this cycle. I’ve often wondered if it is related to other companies quarterly budgets, or follows a seasonal building and construction pattern. I’ve asked both developers and architects to see if they have had any insight, and so far the response has been blank.

Many years ago, I worked at a start-up company in which the owner had a track record of being a good businessman. He told me to always answer the question of “how are things going with your business” with “great” although his new business venture was struggling. His patent answer never really sat well with me – it always struck me as a bit dishonest, although I can see where he is coming from and what he’s getting at. Are things always perfect? Honestly and objectively no, but I suppose it depends on whether or not you view your glass as half empty or half full. The honest answer is that the economy kicked the crap out of people in my line of work for the past few years. I think it’s definitely improving after the collapse – this year has already shaped up to be one of the busiest years in recent history.