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I’ve said it a few times in other posts – I’ve been slammed with work recently and there doesn’t seem to be any stopping the onslaught. They’re not the huge, multiple rendering and animation projects that I had a couple years back. They don’t pay nearly as handsomely, but they’re small and there’s tons of them. It’s the busiest I’ve ever been in all of the years I’ve been doing this. Combine that with personal items (grocery shopping, phone calls, etc.) and things get crazy.

When my architectural work starts moving, it usually means a few things. First and foremost, consumer confidence is on the rise. People feel like they can spend once again in order to move buildings, rent spaces, and renovate. Development and real estate of course ties directly into the economy and employment. I’m one of the first people to feel that level of optimism amongst people and business sectors, and it usually trickles down to other facets of people’s lives. I’m also one of the first people to feel it when things go sour.

My current schedule for the week looks like this:

  1. Bistro interior modeling, lighting, and renderings.
  2. Bistro exterior changes.
  3. A residential modeling and rendering project.
  4. A library rendering with changes.
  5. An exterior development of an office building.
  6. Changes for a board game development company.
  7. Possibly starting up again on a house for Saudi Arabian royalty (one year delay.)
  8. First time court appearance for a client that flat-out refused to pay then decided to use my work on the front page of his website. I hate to air “dirty laundry”, but that will take a few hours and has taken quite some time to assemble all the facts, emails, renderings, and contracts together. Again, in all the years I’ve been working with some of the biggest clients, I have never had this happen to me.
  9. Creating another website (optional but needed eventually.)
  10. Finish prepping some models for sale (optional but needed eventually.)
  11. Updating the LunarStudio website (optional but needed eventually.)
  12. Creating some marketing brochures (optional but needed eventually.)
  13. Brush up on some Render Element pass techniques.
  14. Sending out some images for a photography website.
  15. Visiting my brother and sister-in-law because they just had a new baby earlier today.
  16. A meeting.

There’s also a few other items in talks:

  1. 8 renderings for a bathroom manufacturing company.
  2. A catalog cover of a boardroom for a company that specializes in modular walls.
  3. Taking 360 virtual reality photographs of a salon located in Boston.
  4. A beach location residence.
  5. A concept of a retail property.

This doesn’t include any other jobs which I may get called up on or may come through. I also have other personal projects which are waiting on the sidelines. Almost each one of those items above typically includes micro-items (wall colors, lighting fixtures, chairs, sofas, tables, etc.) that one has to keep good track of. As you could probably tell from that list, my head is about to completely explode. We’re looking at 16 hour days, 7 days a week for quite some time to come…