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The Future of Lighting

As a 3D designer working in the architectural field, I often have to take lighting into consideration when creating a project. Over the years, I’ve worked with architects, interior designers, stage lighting, and lighting manufacturers in producing images for them – if image lighting is off, clients don’t hesitate to tell me about it. Quite honestly, lighting was something I never really paid much attention to until I got into this field and found out that I had to have some understanding of the process – everything from temperature to different types of systems. To add to this, there’s the financial and environmental component that needs to be taken into consideration for the average user.

Here’s a few interesting pieces on the future of lighting (regarding LED, Compact Fluorescent, and Incandescent technologies) that I’ve come across recently that’s worth a listen and a read:


WBUR Article on LEDs and Light Bulbs with a 46 minute listening program by Tom Ashbrook.

Wired article on the future of LEDs.