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Love My Host – MediaTemple

I spent a 1/2 hour on the phone with my tech support and web host at MediaTemple tonight. It’s not the first time that I’ve had to call them up with some advanced questions (I like to tinker), and they completely understood what I was saying. I ran into an issue today where I had this site pointing to one CDN, then I also pointed it to their new partner CloudFlare. I wrote them earlier questioning potential conflicts, and they responded by saying that it was probably not a good idea to have any redundancy, so I removed MaxCDN and my CNAME record which pointed to it.

That’s when things started to go funny. This site visually broke as well as some of my other blogs. I wasn’t sure if it was an issue of caching, DNS propagation, mirroring, plugins, or the theme itself. I thought maybe it had mostly to do with the plugins as I was using CDN Linker Light on this blog, and W3TotalCache on some of my others. It turns out that none of those were the case, but I eventually found out on my own that WP Minify was causing missing CSS and JavaScript errors.

While MediaTemple didn’t resolve my problem directly, they were there to give me some good pointers. You never feel rushed when talking to their support, and quite often they go above and beyond to help you out. For example, they shouldn’t have to be dealing with people’s WordPress installations such as mine since it’s technically out of their scope, but quite often they’re willing to give it a shot. Their service has been worth every penny so far, and I hope that they never change.

Thanks guys.