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Actually, it never went anywhere. I had originally started this website/blog a long time ago as a companion to main illustration website, Lunarstudio. However over time, I got off topic and eventually it fell into a state of disrepair. Life took over and I was too busy to maintain this site and keep it updated. So essentially, I stopped promoting Lunarlog many years ago. But now I think it has a new lease on life.

This time around, I moved the site over to a custom, self-hosted WordPress installation from the older Movabletype installation. The engine in general is newer and the plugins themselves are also newer. The look in general has also been updated. This hopefully will mean less work overall.

In the coming months, I plan to keep Lunarlog updated and on-topic – that regarding the various fields of 3d illustration, architectural renderings, and other artwork-related information. Please stay tuned.