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MightyFunk Design News Update

One of my other websites, MightyFunk Design News was recently updated. I used the same basic template as I did for this site because I had liked it so much – clean and simple. Quite frankly, I just don’t have the time to custom design every one of my websites unless I’m getting paid to do so, so reusing this site template seemed like a perfect match.

Just to recap the purpose of MightyFunk, it’s a website that functions as a RSS feed with an interface which contains brief excerpts or snippets of design-related news. It’s not meant as a permanent replacement for the original author’s articles and websites, but merely a brief synopsis in case a topic or article looks interesting. I mainly designed it for my own information, inspiration, and curiosity, but thought others might find the sites I frequent useful.

The problem with my previous MightyFunk system and design is that it was eating up my server’s resources and was becoming increasingly slow over time. My host and I could never figure out what was causing these performance issues and I was getting hit with a nasty hosting bill because of it every month.  MightyFunk stood paused for a little over a year’s time, but now it’s up and running again and better than ever. Only time will tell if the site gets bloated again.

Currently, it stands at over 35,349 posts. That’s an awful lot of posts… If you have a moment, please check it out!