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WordPress Twitter Integration

I’m testing out two plugins for this WordPress blog: Twitter Widget Pro and WP to Twitter. I haven’t used Twitter much to be honest. Part of me really wonders why I would want to Twitter every bit of my work and life for the entire world to see. To some degree, I also think it comes off as a bit narcissistic. Unless you’re a celebrity or leading the real jet-setting life of James Bond/007, does anyone really care? If I wanted to tell people what I’m up to and assuming they were remotely interested (this is my self-deprecating humor here at play), it would either be with my family over the phone, or on Facebook where it’s a bit more intimate and private If you want to follow my twitter account, I can be found at: twitter.com/lunarstudio/

But hey, I’m willing to give it a try. I think it’s important for people in creative and technology-related fields to remain somewhat “in-touch” with what is going on in the world around us. Especially in this economy, people should be learning new things in order to keep viable and add value to our careers. Twitter happens to be one of the more popular services at the moment. Who’s to really say how long it will last – maybe Facebook or the recently released Google Buzz will wipe it out. Besides the reasons listed above, having more links going back and forth between sources (in this case my Twitter Account to Lunarstudio and Lunarlog) could only help Internet search rankings and visibility if my theory holds correct. In recent months, Google and a number of other websites started to index what people were Tweeting in their search engines.

As for the plugins, Twitter Widget Pro takes information from my Twitter Feed and posts it on the main sidebar of this website on the right here. In a sense, I’ll refer to it as “coming down.”

WP to Twitter should take whatever I write here in this blog, and post a shortened link of these articles to my actual feed on Twitter, so it’s “going up.”

In an ideal world, there should only be one plugin that performs both functions. But you have to figure that the wonderful authors of these separate WordPress plugins wrote them for free. What more can you ask for?